5 Subtle Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You

There is nothing more confusing, frustrating and hurtful, than dealing with your ex. This is because most of the time you spend trying to communicate with them is hindered by the mere fact that you are trying to make out what their motives are.

At some point, you are almost certain that you he/she still loves you and in the next instance, you are certain he/she hates you. As such, it is important that you don’t set your hopes too high because even if they still love you, it does not necessarily mean that they want you back. So sit up straight and read on to discover the 5 subtle signs that your ex still likes you.

Get your ex back and regain your happiness: Signs that your ex wants you back

1.The silent cry for attention

If you are still getting calls that are characterized by long and awkward silent moments, chances are that they miss you and crave to re-ignite the connection you both once had. It is worth noting that these calls alone do not necessarily indicate that they want you back. However, if these calls are also compounded by numerous gloomy posts such as ‘my life is so empty’ or ‘I feel so lost’ on social media are signs you should try and get your ex back.

2.The Dating Dilemma

Should two or more months pass and your ex is still not in the dating scene, you should translate this as a sign indicating that they feel that you are irreplaceable. The same principle also applies to those who choose to date, but do it in secret. In fact, this ‘secret dating’ is the most obvious sign that your ex still has room in their heart for you. Why else would they go through the trouble of dating another person in secret if not to make sure that you do not find out? Chances are that they want to keep you in the dark so that they can be sure that the chance of reigniting the flame between the two of you remains intact.

3.She/he is ‘Touchy Feely’ with you

This point barely needs any clarification. We all know that when we don’t like another person we can barely look at the, let alone touch them. So, if your ex seems to hold you in their arms for too long during a hug or prolongs a simple handshake, it is a sure sign that they still like you and wants to know how to get your ex to want you back.

how to get your ex to want you back

4.She/he talks about your ended relationship A LOT!

If your ex tend to talk a lot about your past relationship using phrases such as ‘I can’t understand how this happened’ or ‘where did we go wrong?’ the odds are that they want you back. The more an ex talks about the feelings that they had for you, the more he/she analyzes the situation, and is likely to try to make steps towards getting back together.

5.He/she keeps up with your life

If you notice that your ex seems to know a lot about your current life it means that they have taken the time to find out what you are doing. This simple effort is also a great indicator that he/she is still interested in getting back with you.

If you have recently witnessed any of these 5 signs, it is time to put away your favorite ice-cream and wear your best clothes. If you want to get your ex back and these signs are present, the perfect opportunity has presented itself. Time is of the essence. Remember, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, but on the other hand ‘out of sight out of mind’. It is time to make your move.

This point barely needs any clarification. We all know that when we don’t like another person we can barely look at the, let alone touch them. So, if your ex seems to hold you in their arms for too long during a hug or prolongs a simple handshake, it is a sure sign that they still like you and want you back.

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